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Megan Renee Creative

Empowering women through photography, coaching, and community!

luxury boudoir and fine art photography studio serving women in and around south carolina

Creating radical change for our generation and the next ...

While I love the art of creating beautiful images, no matter what genre I'm shooting, I realized that the photos are just a representation of something much deeper for me. Boudoir photography allows me to help women who want to heal in some sort of way.

Many of them have been through massive trauma or have always struggled with their self image. Many of them are of Native American descent and are learning to overcome shame handed down from generation to generation. The list goes on and on and I learned that these women all have one thing in common: their confidence or self esteem issues stemmed from early in their childhood.

So I decided to center my brand and career around helping women to overcome generational curses, trauma, shame, and to help them learn how to prevent from passing down those same generational curses to their children. This is where fine art, coaching, and the community components came into play. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each.






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Megan and her team:

Megan- Owner & Photographer

Hair & Makeup Services Provided by Silhouette on Site

Amanda- Assistant

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